This is Wasabi.

Wasabi the Cat came into our lives in August 2003. He was a tiny, starving, white kitten who somehow managed to get inside our studio. After cleaning him up, we became attached and decided to give him permanent residence. We eventually discovered that he was completely deaf, which explained his introspective nature and the fact that he completely ignored everything we said to him.

When not writing poetry, he loved to play with his toy mice, play tag, and surf the Internet. He was fascinated with the deep, dark recesses of our fireplace, which explained his frequent baths and, as a result, his clean, good looks.

Wasabi's main goal in life was to one day go outside. However, due to his inability to hear the neighborhood bullies sneak up on him, we felt that he was best suited for a life of art and scholarship — inside. At one point, we did think he was ready for ultimate cage fighting.

Our beloved Wasabi journeyed over the Rainbow Bridge in February 2020.

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Wasabi developed a reputation of not being the most friendly cat. His adventures inspired our holiday cards. The Legend continues with Volume II featuring the new kid, Herbie the Love Bug.

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